Logo Miner

Logo Miner

LogoMiner aims to build the biggest catalog of logo designs. Every user from fields like Marketing, Designing, Typography or Illustration should find something useful and interesting using LogoMinerdashboard. Options available in the dashboard varies from simple logo search functionality to other designed to find brands based on specific characteristics such as colors, fonts, industry or […]

Creating SVG's

Creating SVG’s

Working with SVG in a RWD workflow usually involves a design phase and a development phase. The design phase is usually handled by designers who may or may not know how to code. And because of the nature of SVG as both an image format and a document format, every step taken in the graphics […]

PSD gratuit

Free PSD T-shirt Mockup

Free PSD mockups with smart layers. Simply replace the graphic in the smart object with yours. First mockup is a series of 4 T-shirts with different colors. You can change the colors easily in the layer named “color”. You are free to use them in any way you like. Download